Operations of the Las Cruces Academy for the 2020-21 academic year

Classes will begin on September 8th for in-person instruction 5 days per week

We, teachers and administration, have reached this decision to open to classroom instruction on the basis that it is the best choice for the good of both students and their families. We used diverse sources of information and our recent experience with distance education from mid-March to mid-May. Our teachers, Lou Ellen, and Vince worked individually and then in a number of 3-hour group meetings this summer to develop the suite of plans we present here. Vince and Lou Ellen participated in an online meeting on July 13th with 25 other private schools throughout New Mexico, all of whom also plan to open to in-person instruction. We also follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, who emphasize the hazards to students’ mental health and their academic and social development, as also risks of adverse family relations if students are provided with only online education.

At times in the coming semester we may be required by the Public Health Department to move to online instruction (distance education, virtual education). We have separate scheduling in these cases, as outlined later in this page.

Our operations are independent of the operations of the Las Cruces Public Schools (LCPS), who operate under the jurisdiction of the Public Education Department.

We are developing accommodations for students who must remain home. We will provide a link to many classrooms via either Zoom or Google meetings. Our teachers have developed a suite of ways to communicate with students and parents during online education. For fiscal stability, we will not be able to rebate tuition when a student or the school as a whole moves from in-person instruction to online instruction.

Our annual parent-student contract has new elements. It is essential this year that it be returned with signature(s) before classes begin.

The protective measures we will employ are as follows:

Entering the school

Social distancing

We are providing a curriculum (e.g., video) that teaches students about the risks of COVID-19 spreading and reassures them about the efficacy of protective measures.

Hygiene and cleaning



Reducing contact transmission

Dealing with illnesses

Handling positive cases in school or among contacts of students or teachers in the school

The schedule for in-person education:

Distance education: