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Annual Events

27-28 October – Book fair for the LCA at Barnes & Noble in the Mesilla Valley Mall

16 December, starting at 5 PM – End-of-term performance and potluck supper

23 – 27 April, before and after school – Scholastic Book Fair

12 May, starting at 5 PM – End-of-term performance and potluck supper

25 May – Last day of school; there will be an all-school picnic at noon

30 May, 5-7:30 PM – Food for Thought, our big community event and fundraiser


Our scrollable calendar is always here on this News and Events page.  We  also provide this printable, 1-page, full-year calendar in color, as a PDF file; black text on white is for notes about semester starts and ends; blue background indicates breaks with no classes; open house events are on the salmon background, while green is for events for our whole LCA Community.


Science demo at Barnes & Noble

17 November 2018: The Barnes & Noble bookstore in the Mesilla Valley Mall hosted us for a book fair.  As part of our activities there, Board chair and teacher Vince Gutschick did a 40-minute science demo.  He made the video ...
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LCA on the radio

Once more unto the breach....well, that's too melodramatic. This Friday, November 16th at 8 AM, Board Chair Vince Gutschick returns to community radio, KTAL LP FM, 101.5, with an hour-lone interview with Prof. Scott Denning from Colorado State University. Scott ...
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Barnes & Noble book fair

A win-win for the Academy and for Barnes & Noble is in the offing, a book fair hosted for us at their Mesilla Valley Mall store.  It’s on Saturday, November 17th.  We’ll have students singing in a variety of the ...
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Dia de Los Muertos 2018

2 November 2018: Our students walked to the Mesilla Plaza to view the displays for the Day of the Dead, a celebration of life of the deceased.  Teachers and parents led the group ...
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Open house

Thursday, November 8th: The Las Cruces Academy is holding an open house, 11 AM to 1 PM, at the school, 1755 Avenida de Mercado in Mesilla. You can meet with our Head of School, Dr. Lou Ellen Kay, observe students ...
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Math progress galore

25 October 2018: Fast progress in high-quality math.  Teacher Kelly Lin toted up a new book order for all our math classes.  Our students are progressing so fast through the Singapore Math books that we’ve had to order more books ...
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Halloween Party 2018

31 October 2018, when else!  Students Janaki and Erika planned a gala for all the students, aided by teachers and a number of parents.  They created games galore, with rewards. Many people took photos and videos.  Seventy-seven of Vince and ...
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Halloween Party 2018, the third gallery

Here are the final 29 images: ...
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Halloween Party 2018, the second gallery

Here they are, pictures 25-48 ...
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Halloween Party 2018, the first gallery

The first 24 of 77 still images are here: ...
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