4. What academic levels do you offer?

We offer early kindergarten through 8th grade currently.  Early kindergarten is a half-day (with a full-day option), a truly academic program, not day care.  Students are grouped by ability, not age.  While most students have an age group, such as grades 1-2, grades 3-4, grade 5, and middle school in the 2016-2017 academic  year, students regularly go to advanced groups in various subjects.  A first-grader who’s had Chinese in kindergarten may go to intermediate Chinese, while an older student who’s never had Chinese goes to beginning Chinese.  A number of students are advanced in math, while in all math classes students work at their individual level with the help of our teacher.  Our scheduling to accommodate the diversity of students’ levels in all subjects is extremely complex, but we do it because it’s worth it for our students;  we use advanced math, simulated annealing, to do this!