Who We Are

Las Cruces Academy is a non-profit (501(c)(3)), independent, secular school, with an emphasis on STEM programs, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. The students are bright, enthusiastic and excited to learn at LCA. Highly qualified educators prepare them for their future in an increasingly connected and technological world.  A 13-minute interview on KRWG-FM is a bright introduction to the LCA.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to each student allows educators flexibility to individualize curricula and fulfill academic potential. Furthermore, our student-influenced curriculum encourages children to pursue self-directed learning, indulge their intellectual curiosity while engaged in classroom activities. Students are encouraged to socialize, work, and play across all grades in order to develop the crucial social skills necessary for community involvement and future leadership roles.

Our Goals

Las Cruces Academy empowers all children by providing academic challenges, individual attention, and a nurturing social environment. The goal of Las Cruces Academy is to serve all children who possess a willingness and has the motivation to learn where his or her current school is not meeting the needs of the child. Child thrive when education is focused on individual ability, especially if the child is advanced in one or more subjects. An Individualized curriculum enables the child to grow at his or her own pace at the level the child is capable of doing. Las Cruces Academy is a school designed to foster positive change by nurturing the talents of all students in the Las Cruces area. In order to achieve the goals of each student while maximizing involvement, the Academy limits the number of students in each class to maintain a low student to educator ratio.

Our School Provides

Student placement at the ability level of the child for each subject compared to age based placement in other educational institutions. Our educators incorporate each students’ interest in every subject when possible. Las Cruces Academy fosters a challenging, supportive environment that promotes positive behavior among all the students and interactions with school faculty.

We also note a brief letter from our Board of Trustees, dated October 2016.