Tuition & Fees


The tuition rates for the 2017-18 school year have been determined, along with the payment plans.  The total tuition for full-time attendance is $8393. The loan surcharge has been dropped. Scholarships and teacher discounts remain available.  Tuition for half-day attendance in early kindergarten is half that for full-time attendance, or $4197 for the year, with corresponding payment plans.


The payment plans for full-day/half-day attendance are:

Type Amount per payment 1st payment date Final payment date
Year in full $8,225*/$4,113* July 2017
Semester in full $4113*/$2,056* July 2017 January 2018
Monthly (11-month) $763/$382 July 2017 May 2018

* 2% discount for easing the burden of bookkeeping


We send invoices the first of each month, and they’re due on the 15th of that month.

If you choose the 11-month plan, we require automatic payment when your financial institution allows it (some do not).  This reduces bookkeeping, missed and late payments, and general stress on you and on us.  Please contact us for help in setting up autopay.

Parent participation is crucial for the school and valuable for the students. By enrolling at least one student, each family agrees to assist in school activities for at least 20 hours over the school year. Families who do not meet that minimum requirement will be required to put down an extra deposit the next year to enroll their students. The deposit will be returned if the participation requirement is met that subsequent year, and forfeited otherwise. The deposit amount will be $40 per unmet hour of participation. For example, a family that completely fails to participate will have to provide a deposit of $800 to enroll their student(s) the subsequent year.


The new rate represents a step of 2.35% over last year’s total of tuition plus loan surcharge.

  • There is no separate surcharge any more.
  • The increase reflects increased operational costs, including the newly-starting process of pursuing accreditation.


The first two payments are in the summer, invoiced before school starts.  We chose the start date, based on some considerations:

  • Two months’ payment is your commitment to enroll in the fall semester, allowing us to commit to teacher contracts.
  • The last payment ends within the school year, avoiding complications for families who take off after the last class.

Tuition payments are nonrefundable except in unusual circumstances.  Withdrawing a student by choice rather than necessity (a move, financial problems) alters our finances without reducing our commitment to our teachers.  It also can leave us with a place in which we could have enrolled another student who was on a waiting list.  We trust that you understand our position.



Except for what is listed below, we have no extra fees for books, other supplies, and class activities, including science demos, art, etc.  Some events or expenses are optional – pizza for students on Fridays and field trips with significant travel expenses.

Admissions application fee

The current fee is $50.

Annual shared supplies

  • 2 glue sticks, please, not 3M brand
  • 20 wooden #2 graphite pencils, these should preferably be Ticonderoga. Definitely NOT Staples or any “bargain” pencils as the leads to break too easily.
  • Scotch tape, 1 roll
  • 2 packages copy paper, at least 500 sheets/package
  • At least 4 dry erase markers, nothing “fancy” please
  • 2 rubber erasers
  • Tissues, at least 3 boxes of 100

If you don’t have time to do the shopping we also need the following supplies, of which you could buy ~$20 worth. Please check at school to see which of these we still need.

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper plates
  • Refill of hand soap (not antibacterial)


We offer a small number of need-based scholarships. Applications, available here, are evaluated by a scholarship committee. Our Head of School, Dr. Lou Ellen Kay, can confer with you in advance if finances are critical in considering enrolling your child.