English skills are critical to success throughout one’s lifetime, even internationally.  In addition to formal reports to this effect, Board Chair and volunteer teacher Vince Gutschick heard this assessment from Engr. Francois Tardieu, his colleague and his host for a sabbatical year of research at INRA in France: “Yes, it’s true that the French are reluctant to speak English, but it’s not for the reason you think.  We think that English is the official language of science and business, so we hesitate to make a mistake in English.”  (Vince made his own amusing mistakes in perfecting his French while there!)


English in grades early K, K, and 1-2 is integrated through the day, with lessons in grammar, spelling, phonics, reading, and writing.  It is rewarding to see young students reading to each other as well as telling stories of events to each other.  Students learn sight words while working into the grammar and pronunciation of English, the tricky language.   Frequent short tests reinforce their spelling prowess.  Frequent writing, from phrases to short essays, consolidates their gains in syntax, style, and punctuation.


English, grades 3-5

English, middle school