Physical education

Our students are very active.  While we are a small school and have no coaches or teams, the students have both informal physical activity and formal physical education. We have two play areas, an enclosed courtyard with comfortable pea gravel (superior to other surfaces) and a paved and access-controlled large parking lot.  Students engage in vigorous free play at morning and afternoon snack periods, as also at lunch.  With revised COVID restrictions they can engage in ball games with hand-washing afterward.  Younger students play at a great variety of self-initiated games in our enclosed courtyard – abbreviated-field soccer, dome-climbing, tag


In formal PE, teacher Elizabeth Brasher imparts elementary skills up to team games – soccer, basketball, kickball baseball.  Board Chair and teacher Vince Gutschick has been teaching tennis to students at many levels since 2014.  Prior to COVID restrictions we had twice-yearly archery instruction, ending with competition, using the equipment of New Mexico Game and Fish.  We look forward to having these sessions again as the pandemic eventually resolves itself.