Vince Gutschick teaches tennis to all grades in 5 separate classes each week, students being grouped as grades EK – K, 1-2, 3-4, 5, and 6-8.  The largest class is EK-K, currently 11 players in Fall 2016.  While never having been a tennis team member, Vince has 40 years’ experience in another racquet sport, racquetball, with most skills translating well.


The local chapter of the US Tennis Association, Southern New Mexico Division, helped us with both visits by instructors and applications for financial aid.  The latter aid took the form of a grant for much tennis equipment (racquets, balls, net, ball cart, instructional games, mobility ladder) and then professional striping of our parking area for 3 overlapping courts (2 red, 1 orange).  We purchased on our own a ball-return net for indoor practice.


Classes take place outdoors on good days, indoors on days with extreme weather.  Instruction covers the rules of tennis, mobility exercises, the ground strokes, the serve (overhand for older students), strategy, sportsmanship, cooperation in doubles, and care of equipment.