Parent Testimonial 5

[Our son] continues to impress us with such topics as the roles of participants in a federal courtroom his class had visited, the universe and our solar system, the different branches of the US government, the history and culture of New Mexico, etc.

Parent Testimonial 4

[Our son] has been at Las Cruces Academy for nearly two years, beginning with the 2nd grade. He is currently learning both Spanish and Chinese, two languages besides English in which my husband and I want him to become fluent. He arrived at LCA with deficient math foundations, but is now working at the 4th grade level.

Parent Testimonial 3

Las Cruces Academy is a place for intellectual and personal development where our son has grown at his own pace, but particularly happy, challenged, and motivated. The environment in the academy is rich in many ways; for example, the kids are place in groups by range of ages during the several periods and also by groups according to their abilities.

Parent Testimonial 2

[My son] has learned so much from LCA. [Seeing him] succeed socially in a setting which he had struggled with so much before is both heart warming and makes me thankful for all of you each time he comes home smiling.