Book fair turnout

Saturday, May 12th: Barnes & Noble in the Mesilla Valley Mall hosted our school for a book fair.  We are grateful.  Parent Andrea Camunez read to young people at 11:00.  Our students came at 12:30 to sing in English, Chinese, and Spanish, with teachers Elizabeth Brasher, Yulin Zhang, and Arielle Lane.  Parent Jessica Houston did creative face-painting in midday.  Board Chair Vince Gutschick did a science demo with liquid nitrogen (oh so cold) and with strong magnets.  A number of parents and grandparents staffed a greeting table and a gift-wrapping table and prepared publicity: Margaret Berrier, Marni King, Frank & Jana Holguin, Carolyn Bowman, Shawn Carson, Aaron Brasher.  Nineteen students performed and helped with greeting patrons!  Frank Holguin posted a video on Facebook Live.  We thank the bookstore patrons, in store and online, who  bought items and cited us so that we get a percentage of sales; we’ll find out our gains in a few weeks!