Open house, March 10th

On Tuesday, March  10th: The Las Cruces Academy is holding an open house, 8-10 AM and 5:30-6:30 PM, at the school, 1755 Avenida de Mercado in Mesilla. You can meet with our Head of School, Dr. Lou Ellen Kay, in the morning observe students in classes and at play, and talk with our great teachers.  […]

Seeing how pizza is made

Monday, 17 February 2020: Seeing how pizza is made in a pizzeria.  Our younger students in grades early K through 2 visited Dion’s Pizza on El Paseo Rd.  They rode the city bus, another experience, had a tour of the restaurant’s facilities in action, and enjoyed 3 slices of pizza each.  Teachers Arielle Lane and […]

Elephant toothpaste

Monday, 10 February 2020: we turned the famous elephant toothpaste demonstration into a real science experiment, in our grades 5-8 science class.  The demo is just the mixing of hydrogen peroxide solution with yeast so that the catalase enzyme in yeast rapidly breaks down the peroxide; detergent added earlier allows voluminous foam to form.  We […]

Engineering – a wind turbine

The Engineering Club. 17 January 2020.  LCA parent Jessica Houston challenges willing students to find the efficient way to operate a wind turbine, in this case, a windmill.  The turbine’s rotation winds a string on a narrow shaft in order to lift a weight, here, a pair of scissors.  A question is, How does the […]

Recognition from the community

Special edition of the Las Cruces Bulletin: Outstanding Women of the Mesilla Valley.  Our founder and Head of School, Dr. Lou Ellen Kay, is one of 13 awardees!  She was nominated by friends, relatives, a teacher, and parents of LCA students.  We invite you to read on, here, as well as the mission statement for […]