Engineering club rides again

All year: Students in grades 1-8 in the after-school engineering club meets each week with teacher Elizabeth Brasher, LCA parent Jessica Houston, and other parents on occasion.  Elizabeth and Jessica pose challenging questions for the students to solve.   A recent one was, with gumdrops and toothpicks, make an open-frame structure than can support a book.  […]

Students among the flowers

Monday, 6 May 2019: The Calhoun Flower Farm welcomed our early kindergarteners, kindergarteners, and first- and second-graders.  They loved viewing the flowers, picking a few, planting seeds, and learning about the life cycle of plants.  Thanks to Calhoun Farms, to teachers Kelly Lin and Arielle Evans who organized the event, to the parents who drove […]

More congratulations

May 2019: Arielle Lane, our teacher of early childhood grades since 2015, recently completed all her work for her Master of Science degree in education with a reading specialty from NMSU.  She expects her degree in good time.  We support our teachers in professional development!


Sunday, 5 May 2019: We were so pleased to see Yi Li, wife of LCA board member David Gutschick, get her PhD diploma in person at the Ohio State University in a huge commencement ceremony attended by 70,000 people.  She was formally awarded her doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering in January.  David got the […]

The Insect Zoo comes to us

Thursday, 9 May 2019: NMSU’s Insect Zoo came to the Academy to show the students a great diversity of both mounted and live insects.  The students paid rapt attention, particularly when they themselves handled a giant millipede, a Madagascar hissing cockroach, and a large stick insect.  Thanks to Helen Vessels, curator and outreach coordinator!

Really, really active!

9 May 2019: a recap and a prospectus: Big event on the 11th: our twice-yearly end-of-term performances by our students for families and friends, 5 PM.  Students and teachers worked on this all semester. Big event on Wednesday, the 29th: Food for Thought, our signature community event and fundraiser.  A gala evening of dinner, discussions, […]

Enjoyable testing

26 April 2019: Our students completed their nationally used Iowa Tests and enjoyed the challenge; many said “Why are these so easy?”   Yes, we have students with talent.  We ran the tests this week, as our second year of doing so.  Only two to four mornings were needed; whole grade levels finished earlier than the […]

A bit of rocket science

26 April 2019: The Iowa Tests took up some mornings for two to four days this week, and the afternoons were devoted to fun and other learning – music, a classic movie or two, some regular classes, and play.  One of our kindergarteners, Alden, took the time to read about space flight.  Teacher and board chair […]

Chemistry and more with egg whites

15 April 2019. Sixth-grade student Erika suggested that we try an experiment to see how fast an enzyme, pepsin, can break down egg white protein.  Pepsin is a protease, which breaks bonds in proteins by hydrolysis, adding water to the peptide bond between amino acids in a protein.  The bond being broken, the protein falls […]