Flashy science

Literally.  We do lots of experiments in grades 6-8 science. Girls love explosions as much as boys, it seems.  Here are two experiments with flashes. As an 8-year-old boy, Lou Ellen and Vince’s son, David, now an LCA Board member, bought a huge electrical capacitor with money he’s saved.  He left it in our care.  […]

In-person learning works best!

We readily met CDC guidelines essentially right from the start of the 2020-21 academic year.  We are fortunate that we have nearly 200 square feet per student; we met the 25% occupancy rule readily.  We took extensive precautions.  We took every student and teacher’s temperature on entry into the building. Everyone work masks except when […]

Our picnic May 2021

We closed out the year on May 26th with a picnic for all the students, their families, and teachers at the enjoyable public park in Mesilla on Calle Santiago.  We abided by the earlier pandemic precautions, since none of the students had been vaccinated.  That didn’t dampen the fun.  At the end we celebrated all […]

Economics 1 & 2

Students of Kelly Lin, our teacher for grades 1 & 2 (and all math) created their economics projects.  They became producers by creating a product and setting up shop. On Friday, they invited Katie Bushma’s kindergarten class over to shop at their stores.

Earth Day 2021

Our students of the Las Cruces Academy honored Earth Day this 22nd of April, 2021.  They had learned about many environmental issues over two weeks, from plastic pollution to climate change to deforestation.  Each of the 23 students in grades 3 through 8 chose a topic, then designed and drew a poster.  Lining the sidewalk by the Mesilla Town […]