Interpreting the Iowa Assessment scores for your student

April, 2022. The Iowa Assessments went smoothly and the results are both rewarding and informative. All students but one very recent student took the tests, 45 in all. Thirty-four students took the tests last year. This gives us and them a snapshot of their progress; we as teachers can reinforce progress and address apparent problems […]

Marble mazes by young students

April 1, 2022. Engineering club for grades 1 & 2: students made marble mazes out of Legos, in clever designs.  Here two students navigate theirs with a marble. Shades of the 1950s! Thanks to our engineer club volunteers Elizabeth Brasher, Jessica Houston, Erin Palazzolo, Bo & Kimberly Cichuniec, and Michele Woodbury.

Math club

The Fall 2021 semester has been very busy and productive with in-person learning under very good precautions against COVID-19.  After-school activities are thriving. The theater club and Lego club are back in operation!  We’ll have pictures and a story soon. Meanwhile, Wei Tang’s math club for our students in grades 3 & 4 keeps up […]

CP-3 notes extreme temps

Part 2 here is for long-time Python programmers in class CP-3   This should be a very interesting project: *  We should get results that let us predict how often the temperatures in Las Cruces (really, in a place nearby, the Jornada Range Headquarters) reach or exceed any temperature we ask about. * We can […]