In-person education

Operations of the Las Cruces Academy for the 2020-21 academic year Classes will begin on September 8th for in-person instruction 5 days per week We, teachers and administration, have reached this decision to open to classroom instruction on the basis that it is the best choice for the good of both students and their families. […]

Vinnie’s teaching blog

Hi.  Here’s the latest assignment. 1. Define the Universe and give three examples. 2. Watch this episode of Planet Earth (show everyone how to make a link) 3. Write a 1-page essay on the Defenestration of Prague and email it to me.

Deep Appreciation of Our Donors

  We’re revamping the site, so were going back year-by-year 2019-20 Donation of Funds LCA Families ● Ananya & Sanjoy Banik ● Andre Pattantyus ● Anonymous ● Anthony & Lisa Siino ● Audrey & Ugonna Ezeh ● Bleu Knight ● Carolyn Bowman ● Charlotte & Duke Gard ● Christopher & Yumiko Isoyama Cockroft ● Jessica […]

Distance education – computer programming

Zoom meetings in computer programming have advantages: all the students get carried along in the lesson very well, seeing every step in programming.  All the students and teacher Vince Gutschick share a screen.  One of us is set as host.  He or she runs the program for all to see, while the others suggest coding […]

Science grades 5-8: home experiments and Zoom

Our six students in the science 5-8 class meet three times a week on Zoom for far-ranging discussions… and to show their results of their home experiments growing sunflowers hydroponically.  Some of the discussions start from sections in the book we’ve used at time, How Science Works, with extensions well beyond the book from student […]

Visit by Fish & Game, and an open house

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019: The students loved this presentation and learned a lot about snakes and what they do that makes our environment a better, safer place. (They eat many of the rodents that can carry diseases, such as Lyme Disease.) Come see what else we do, at our open house, Tuesday, December 17th – […]

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Learning fast and loving it

Our youngest students get topics years in advance of regular schools and they love it Reading, 1st & 2nd grades: Students did a good job of recording their reading from the week in their reading logs and bringing them on Thursday. This week students learned how to look for certain features in nonfiction texts. They did activities […]