Enjoyable testing

26 April 2019: Our students completed their nationally used Iowa Tests and enjoyed the challenge; many said “Why are these so easy?”   Yes, we have students with talent.  We ran the tests this week, as our second year of doing so.  Only two to four mornings were needed; whole grade levels finished earlier than the allotted time.

We use tests the way they’re best used, as promoted by Dr. Stephen Sanchez, past Asst. Supt. of Instruction at Las Cruces Public Schools: Let’s see how well we’re doing as a school, let’s see where we might be “light.”  The tests are not to rate or punish students or teachers, as has been done lamentably in public schools in the past (we hope not any more now).  Our teachers teach to their own curriculum, never to the test in any subject. Our teachers are creative; they develop their own curriculum, on their own schedule, and students propose some interesting leads to follow – and so, our students enjoy school!  Our results will be back from Seton Testing in mid-May.  Check back with us then!