For the moment, the Academy is NOT closing

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has mandated the closing of all public K-12 schools in New Mexico, to begin at the end of school, Friday, March 13th.  The closure will last at least three weeks, and it may be much longer.


As a private school we are not under the mandate.  It is, of course, possible that special mandates will be made for gatherings that apply to our total population.  As yet, there are no such requirements for us to close.


For the present we are holding to our decision to stay open, for two principal reasons.  First is that interrupting the students’ education will have permanent effects on their progress; it also may not make them safer unless they and their parents are quarantined all day.  Second is that the need for parents to stay home with their children will require that they leave their jobs for the duration of a closure; there are yet no firm plans for economic relief of parents who lose job time and income.


We must take all the steps short of closure to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • NO SICK CHILD CAN BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL NOR KEPT IN SCHOOL. As in our policy handbook that’s online on our website, a child who had a fever cannot return to school until at least 24 hours after the fever has completely cleared.  The same criterion applies to other symptoms that mark COVID-19 – aches, sniffles, and such symptoms of flu or other respiratory diseases.  We will have to be rigid on these rules; violations WILL risk enforcing closure of the school for all children.
  • Per CDC guidelines: Cleaning staff will increase cleaning, particularly of bathrooms and common areas.
  • We respect the decisions of any families who choose to self-quarantine. This is a good consideration for families who have elderly, ill, or immune-compromised persons residing in their homes.
  • We have far more detail on our new operating protocols.  The protocols can be viewed by our LCA families.
  • It is remotely conceivable that an LCA student will be tested as positive for COVID-19.  Following state requirements we then may have a temporary closure of the school.


You may call us at either main number, (575)521-9384 for Lou Ellen, (575)571-2269 for Vince.  You can also check or website for news.

We are developing distance education methods.  These are complex and are being tested during the week of 16-20 March.  They will be substantially developed for the week after spring break.

We’re all in this together, around the world.  We look forward to doing the best we can for everyone in the school.


Thanks for your consideration and for the confidence that have always shown in our work.