More about us

At the LCA prior to the COVID-19 restrictions, we offered unstructured, self-organized free play from 7:30 to 8:30 AM and from 3:35 or 4:10 (depending on grade) to 5:30 PM.  These helped kids build even more social skills.  We have two recess periods within the class day, one of over 20 minutes per group.  We have art classes, music classes.  We only give the Iowa Assessment tests in April, and only to give us a reading on how well we are teaching, not to rank students or teachers; we don’t teach to that test, and, in spite of that, our students enjoy the test and score spectacularly.

Play – classic freeze-tag!

Music – great voices; see a brief video also.

Art classes have evolved over the years.  Here are some pieces spilling over into an English class (an illustration for a haiku), a theater production (James and the Giant Peach), and a community action (Earth Day 2021).