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Annual Events

17 November , 2018- Book fair for the LCA at Barnes & Noble in the Mesilla Valley Mall

8 December, 2018, starting at 5 PM – End-of-term performance and potluck supper

22 – 26 April, 2019, before and after school – Scholastic Book Fair

11 May, 2019, starting at 5 PM – End-of-term performance and potluck supper

24 May, 2019 – Last day of school; there will be an all-school picnic at noon

29 May, 6-8:30 PM – Food for Thought, our big community event and fundraiser


Our scrollable calendar is always here on this News and Events page.  We  also provide this printable, 1-page, full-year calendar in color, as a PDF file; black text on white is for notes about semester starts and ends; blue background indicates breaks with no classes; open house events are on the salmon background, while green is for events for our whole LCA Community.


Field trip – Three Rivers Petroglyphs

What a beautiful, sunny, mild, and very educational day we had at Three Rivers Petroglyphs site in the Tularosa Basin north of Alamogordo. From about 400 AD to 1400 AD, Native Americans lived here. Among other pieces of their life ...
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Fall Festivities – see what we’ve been up to!

23 October | Science demo Students learned how to use a partial vacuum to suck a hard-boiled egg through an opening a bit narrower than its diameter.  We put a bit of water into a vase, heated the vase + ...
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Open house, November 12th

On Tuesday, November 12th | We're holding an open house! When | 8-10 AM and 5:30-6:30 PM Where | 1755 Avenida de Mercado in Mesilla What to expect | You can meet with our Head of School, Dr. Lou Ellen ...
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Changing color and back again

In grades 5-8 science today, we delved into heat, temperature, and chemical reactions accelerated by heat or by catalysts such as enzymes.  We ran one beautiful demonstration of a chemical reaction driven one way by rising temperature and back by ...
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Robotics demo

LCA graduate Arabella and her colleagues at the Arrowhead Early College High came to the school to demonstrate robotics to students of all ages. Students learned some of the principles, designed platforms, and got to operate some robots ...
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Engineering club, fall 2019

LCA parent Prof. Jessica Houston and LCA teacher Elizabeth Brasher led the students to make launchers and planes in two after-school sessions this fall.  The students look intent, pleased, both ...
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Open house, Tuesday, October 8th

Open house: We invite the public to visit the school on Thursday, May 9th, from 11 AM to 1 PM. You can meet with our Head of School, Dr. Lou Ellen Kay, observe students in classes and at play, and ...
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Moon Festival on the Plaza

Saturday, 28 September 2019.  Our students attracted the crowd at the band shell on the Downtown Plaza, as they sang five songs in Chinese.  They youngest group, kindergarten through 2nd grade, came first, with the longer-experienced 3rd- through 8th-graders following.  ...
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K-8 students join the worldwide Climate Strike

Saturday, 20 September 2019: A week's learning, writing, and drawing culminated in 16 students in grades K through 8 being out on the sidewalk in front of the Mesilla Town Hall holding posters they had made.  They were inspired by ...
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Open house, September

On Tuesday, September 10th: The Las Cruces Academy is holding an open house, 8-10 AM and 5:30-6:30 PM, at the school, 1755 Avenida de Mercado in Mesilla. You can meet with our Head of School, Dr. Lou Ellen Kay, in ...
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