Online donation by credit card


  • There are many other ways to donate. We welcome you to explore these on our complete giving page.
  • Please enter a donation amount between $10 and $10,000. For amounts outside that range, we prefer other methods.
  • Please provide your name for acknowledgement purposes.
  • We will send email confirmation of your donation to this email address. It will be a PDF document on our letterhead. This will be generated within a few days, as it is customized within separate software.
  • If you would like to dedicate the donation to another person or entity, please provide their name here.
  • If you wish to have a printed acknowledgment on our letterhead, suitable for tax purposes, please enter your mailing address. We will send a PDF document in an email. We'll generate it in a few days with our customized software.
  • American Express
    Please note that LCA does not receive any of the credit card information you enter. This is sent directly and securely to the credit card processor.