Opening for Deputy Head of School

The Las Cruces Academy seeks a Deputy Head of School, with a path to becoming Head of School.  This development starts our transition to long-term leadership.  The position requires the abilities to teach and to do business management. The position would initially be part-time, potentially supplemented with part-time teaching. A transition to a full-time administrative role would be contingent on performance. Goals include increasing enrollment while maintaining or raising academic standards, obtaining and maintaining accreditation through ISAS, and increasing public awareness of the school.The desired starting date is for the fall semester, August, 2018, while it is negotiable. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

The successful candidate is expected to have a strong background in one or more major subjects that we teach, such as English, Spanish, Chinese, science, math, history, etc., and experience in business operations, not necessarily as head.

The Academy is an equal opportunity employer.

We have an online application form that includes much information about the position.

Head of School Application

Step 1 of 6 - The Basic Information

  • Scope of the position for Deputy Head of School in the Las Cruces Academy: About the position The Las Cruces Academy (LCA) is
    • a secular, private school.;
    • incorporated as a non-profit public educational charity
    under IRS code section 501(c)(3). Its Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, and other legal documents are available for inspection by a number of routes, including the website,;
    governed by its Board of Trustees, who elect their own members. The Board has as officers a Chair of the Board, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Board hires the Head of School as the sole employee of the Board. The Board oversees the actions of the Head of School and reviews his or her performance at will, at least annually.

    The Head of School, as also the Deputy Head of School:
    • is hired into a professional, salaried position.
    Compensation is set by contract and is not determined by hours of performance, outside the hours that are mandatory. The full set of terms of employment will be set in a contract, when offered;
    serves at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees, to whom he or she reports regularly. For the Deputy Head of School this includes monthly reports to the Board of Trustees for the first year;
    is (are, jointly) responsible for managing all daily or regular operations of the LCA, including teaching, finances, communication, and reporting; some detail is given at the end of this description of scope;
    may be assisted by volunteers or staff whom he or she hires. He or she is free to delegate authority for any of his or her assigned duties, to properly qualified individuals or organizations, on a paid basis or on a volunteer basis;
    must exercise due diligence in assuring the qualifications, trustworthiness, and subsequent performance of the staff, volunteers, or outside organizations. The Head of School and the Deputy Head of School must exercise judgment that the financial obligations for these engagements are supportable within the budget of the LCA.

    The LCA does not require any specific academic or professional qualifications for the Head of School or the Deputy Head of School. The Board exercises due diligence in assuring that the person hired as Head of School meets all the legal and professional requirements they deem as necessary.

    The Deputy Head of School works under the authority of the Head of School. He or she may be authorized by the Head of School or by the Board of Trustees to assume the duties of the Head of School if the latter is unable to carry out those duties.

    The current offering is for a transition to full-time, with the Deputy Head of School becoming the Head of School in due time as agreed among the Head of School and the Board of Trustees

    The initial hiring of a paid Deputy Head of School for the upcoming fiscal year, 1 July 2018 through 30 June 2019, will be on a part-time basis, with conversion to full-time basis projected in approximately two additional years. The transition is contingent upon the financial status of the LCA.
    School finances mandate the employment for the upcoming fiscal year as part-time, with a transition to full-time projected over an estimated two additional years.
    The start date is negotiable, with a strong preference for the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year in August. 2018.
    The applicant for Deputy Head of School must understand the projected gradation in employment over the next several years.

    All applications will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees with selected advisors
    • Applications are open immediately.
    • There is no closing date.
    All applications will be reviewed in timely fashion when they are received.

    The selection process involves:
    • Review of the application
    • Checking of references
    • A teaching test
    • A review of business planning ability

    Some details of the scope of the positions as Head of School and Deputy Head of School; the Head of School and the Deputy Head of School share or apportion these responsibilities, as determined by the Head of School:
    The Head of School is responsible for: student application, admission, and termination; student record-keeping; student attendance records and discipline; meeting all federal and state guidelines on secure record-keeping; scheduling of classes and of faculty assignments; quality of the curriculum as taught; progress toward and subsequent maintenance of accreditation; hiring, termination, payroll, benefits, and performance review of faculty and other staff; compliance with all applicable labor laws and insurance requirements; financial operations, including engagement of institutions for financial transactions (banking, credit cards, etc.), expenditures, income sourcing, fundraising, loans, assets acquisitions and conversions, compliance with all applicable financial laws and regulations, and tax payments and reporting to local, state, and federal agencies; oversight of safety and maintenance of school property, owned or leased; planning for operations and for development, including annual budgeting (in coordination with the Board Treasurer) and timely review of financial status; communication with LCA families, donors, and the public.