So much to note

5 February 2019: We have so many things that are happening or that have happened.  Students recently made kindness rocks from plaster and displayed them (that’s the image here – we’ll have many images more from the other activities!).  Today we celebrated Chinese New Year with a taste-treat of a lunch; students used chopsticks, some of them for the first time, and got to keep decorated chopsticks that Head of School Dr. Lou Ellen Kay brought back from Japan.  We’ll also be part of the celebration on the NMSU campus this coming Saturday, the 9th, where our students will sing and dance in Mandarin Chinese – we have a great language program.  We have another open house on Thursday, the 14th, 11 AM to 1 PM, at the school.  We’ll be part of the Las Cruces International Space Festival in April (a number of date), which  has become truly international.  We’ll be at the NMSU International Festival in March.  We have an in-house event on the 22nd of this month, with 3 families who were just in Japan sharing their memories, images, and insights into world culture.  Finally, we just filed our annual IRS form 990 as a non-profit institution – we’re in very good shape financially, matching the great rapport we have among students, their families, teachers, our Head of School, and our Board…and we have a new Board member, Bryan Stein from Washington Federal.  What a great spring this is.