Yearbook club students lead the way in the design and content of the yearbook, creating memories now and for the future.


Theater Club enables students to create a play. This includes all aspects of the play, including writing the script, making costumes, creating props, and much more.

Student Newspaper

The club plans to publish at least six issues this school year. Each newspaper will include local and national news, as well as LCA news, book recommendations, recipes, and a personal story section.

American Sign Language (ASL)

American Sign Language is an important form of communication for many children and adults. Some children learn basic sign language to communicate with their parents before they learn to speak. The Academy offers the opportunity for students and parents to learn.


Gardening Club teaches children proper ways to take a seed and produce a flower, a vegetable or fruit. These basic skills enable a child to become a proficient gardener anywhere they go in life.

Engineering Club & Lego League

Engineering Club teaches children fundamentals of engineering through hands-on creation. The students are presented with a set of materials and determine how to create something based on the problem.