Yes, our students learn cursive

Learning cursive writing is important – for taking notes, for signing documents, for reading such historic documents as the Declaration of Independence.  Dr. Lou Ellen Kay, our Head of School, has been teaching cursive to all our students.  Here are a couple of exercises, one completed, one new.

Distance education – computer programming

Zoom meetings in computer programming have advantages: all the students get carried along in the lesson very well, seeing every step in programming.  All the students and teacher Vince Gutschick share a screen.  One of us is set as host.  He or she runs the program for all to see, while the others suggest coding […]

Science grades 5-8: home experiments and Zoom

Our six students in the science 5-8 class meet three times a week on Zoom for far-ranging discussions… and to show their results of their home experiments growing sunflowers hydroponically.  Some of the discussions start from sections in the book we’ve used at time, How Science Works, with extensions well beyond the book from student […]

Distance education, part 2!

Our early kindergarten / kindergarten class celebrated Earth Day.  Teacher Arielle Lane provided materials and the students took it from there.  Gabby planted beans, Evan made a bird feeder from a recycled bottle, Errol made a worm house, Obi was joined by his older sisters in making flowers, and Adjoa enjoyed making a leaf lei.

Distance education, part 1!

The Las Cruces Academy is up and running very well in distance education.  Our classes run several ways – some at scheduled times in Zoom or another app, others “asynchronously” with online recordings and assignments, yet others in home sessions as readings or as activities on paper, such as Singapore math.  Our teachers work very […]