Young engineers

28 February 2020:  More in our after-school engineering club. Our young students in kindergarten through 6th grade recently constructed a “Core Sampler,” which basically uses potential energy with rubber bands and straws to puncture holes in fruit and extract a core—it’s inspired by the Mars rover drilling for samples.

Young students make robots

21 February 2020: Our students in grades 2-6 build robots in our after-school engineering club. Advisors Jessica Houston, LCA parent, and Elizabeth Brasher, teacher, give students clues about possibilities and help them understand some manuals.  It’s intense, and fun.

Engineering – a wind turbine

The Engineering Club. 17 January 2020.  LCA parent Jessica Houston challenges willing students to find the efficient way to operate a wind turbine, in this case, a windmill.  The turbine’s rotation winds a string on a narrow shaft in order to lift a weight, here, a pair of scissors.  A question is, How does the […]