Young students make robots

21 February 2020: Our students in grades 2-6 build robots in our after-school engineering club. Advisors Jessica Houston, LCA parent, and Elizabeth Brasher, teacher, give students clues about possibilities and help them understand some manuals.  It’s intense, and fun.

Young students build bridges

A classic from 18 October 2019: Our students in grades 2-6 build bridges in our after-school engineering club.  Advisors Elizabeth Brasher, teacher, and Jessica Houston, LCA parent, give students the task and basic materials that they have to use.  They plan, build, fail, re-plan, rebuild, and succeed.

Engineering – a wind turbine

The Engineering Club. 17 January 2020.  LCA parent Jessica Houston challenges willing students to find the efficient way to operate a wind turbine, in this case, a windmill.  The turbine’s rotation winds a string on a narrow shaft in order to lift a weight, here, a pair of scissors.  A question is, How does the […]