Metal that’s hot and “cold” at the same time

“Cool” experiment in science grades 6-8: Vince and 6 students took 3 pieces of aluminum, one coated with clear nail polish (A), into the bright sunlight. Of course, the bare metal (B and C) gets hot… but looks quite cold in thermal radiation, which we measured with our FLIR One Pro thermal imaging camera.  The […]

Science teacher at the top

We’re happy that Vince Gutschick, our Board Chair, teacher, and Deputy Treasurer, has been cited as standing in the current top 2% of scientists in the world.  A study at Stanford University analyzed all the scientific publications up to 2019.  Vince’s 67 peer-reviewed articles in 23 different international journals in physics, chemistry, biology, and applied […]

Flashy science

Literally.  We do lots of experiments in grades 6-8 science. Girls love explosions as much as boys, it seems.  Here are two experiments with flashes. As an 8-year-old boy, Lou Ellen and Vince’s son, David, now an LCA Board member, bought a huge electrical capacitor with money he’s saved.  He left it in our care.  […]

Experiments in science, grades 6-8, 2020-2021

The science experiments we ran in Science 6-8 this academic year, 2020-2021 (up to March) – real hands-on learning, and minds-on learning at the same time. Our students have learned to be thorough, careful, and questioning. Classes run from 1:50 PM to 2:50 PM, four days a week. Experiments each took 2 to 4 periods, […]

Sodium in water experiment -finale

11 December 2020: students in our grades 6-8 science class finished a series of experiments with a dramatic show for the younger students. Teacher Vince Gutschick bought sodium metal online after the students and he planned a series of experiments on reaction rates.  Sodium is a very reactive metal, combining vigorously with water to generate […]

Science grades 5-8: home experiments and Zoom

Our six students in the science 5-8 class meet three times a week on Zoom for far-ranging discussions… and to show their results of their home experiments growing sunflowers hydroponically.  Some of the discussions start from sections in the book we’ve used at time, How Science Works, with extensions well beyond the book from student […]