Science grades 5-8: home experiments and Zoom

Our six students in the science 5-8 class meet three times a week on Zoom for far-ranging discussions… and to show their results of their home experiments growing sunflowers hydroponically.  Some of the discussions start from sections in the book we’ve used at time, How Science Works, with extensions well beyond the book from student […]

Have you eaten a dinosaur lately?

24 February 2020: Our students in grades 1&2 get a science lesson from Dr. Lou Ellen Kay, our Head of School.  Here she takes the stance of a bird to demonstrate how birds and lizards use their legs differently… all in the course of explaining the evolution of birds as the only surviving dinosaurs.  She […]

Growing bacteria in science class

21-27 February 2020: Our students in grades 5-8 grow common Escherechia coli bacteria, seeing how long it takes them to divide and double.  They also saw that growth at a cool room temperature of 15°C instead of their optimal 37°C (our body temperature) slowed them by a factor of five!  Here’s our temperature-controlled water bath […]

Elephant toothpaste

Monday, 10 February 2020: we turned the famous elephant toothpaste demonstration into a real science experiment, in our grades 5-8 science class.  The demo is just the mixing of hydrogen peroxide solution with yeast so that the catalase enzyme in yeast rapidly breaks down the peroxide; detergent added earlier allows voluminous foam to form.  We […]

Walking the Solar System

20 December 2019: pacing off the distances to the planets.   Students joined teacher and Head of School Dr. Lou Ellen Kay to walk down Avenida de Mesilla, placing scale models of the Sun and the planets at appropriately scaled distances.  Starting from the Sun, represented as a paper plate 8” in diameter, they walked 10 […]