Kelly Lin


Kelly joined our faculty in August, 2018, as a full-time teacher.  She teaches math at all levels.  She also teaches the core courses of grades 1 & 2.  (Our 1st- and 2nd-graders get many courses outside the norm as other teachers fill in their day – cursive writing, Spanish, Chinese, PE, and more.)


M.S. and Teaching Credential, University of Southern California, 2016

B.S., Human Development, with a minor in Education, University of California, San Diego, 2014

First-person biography:

I was born and raised in Alhambra, a city in Los Angeles County with great ethnic diversity.  Walking down Main Street, one can hear at least five different languages being spoken and try food from more than ten countries. On my free time, I enjoy hiking and jogging, and, now, exploring the scenic trails of Las Cruces!

As an undergraduate at UCSD, knew I wanted to be a teacher when I took my first education course. I still remember walking into the third-grade classroom I was assigned to observe and being completely amazed by the curiosity and creative thinking of those young scholars. I remember how the students’ eyes lit up when they finally understood a concept. I knew from those moments that I wanted to be part of the process of guiding students through their learning and helping them expand their knowledge. I pursued my teaching career at University of Southern California’s School of Rossier, where I received my Master’s degree and Teaching Credential.

​I started my career at a wonderful school in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles as a first- then second-grade teacher. Although I am sad to leave the school, I am pleased to be in Las Cruces and in the Las Cruces Academy community! You might be wondering: Why the move? I got married this summer and will be moving to join my husband, who is a student at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine.