Vince Gutschick


Vince joined his wife as she founded the school in 2007, as business manager, bookkeeper, IT person, publicity manager, handyman… He became Chair of the Board of Trustees in 2009. Using his PhD degree in chemistry/chemical physics and the experience of his long career in scientific research, teaching, and management, he has taken to teaching science and technology.

Keeping up with science, for teaching our students and for the fun of it: Vince has a science segment on KRWG-FM, 90.7, Science Digest, each Tuesday, 8:45 AM and 6:45 PM.  He does segments now and then on KTAL-LPFM, 101.5. He is the principal maintainer of the LCA’s core website,  He has also developed two more websites, (landing pages for a full-length analysis of the habitability of planets and for international travel), (popular to research science).  He’s working with his final NMSU graduate student, Shigang Liu, modeling rainwater infiltration across a landscape on the Jornada Range.  He occasionally reviews manuscripts submitted to international journals.


B.S., Chemistry, University of Notre Dame, 1966, summa cum laude

Ph. D., Chemistry, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), 1971, formally awarded 1972

Relevant experience:

Science: Vince teaches science to the older students at the LCA.  He draws on his scientific career that began when he decided to become a scientist at age 8.  His first independent research was as an NSF Undergraduate Research Fellow at Notre Dame.  Over the years his career led to Berkeley, Yale, Los Alamos, and New Mexico State University.  He has 70 peer-reviewed publications in chemistry, physics, biology, agronomy, remote sensing, and other fields, and a patent.

He also teaches computer programming to students in grades 3-8, with Scratch for the younger students and Python 3 for the older students. He also helps teach math to students in grades 6-8.

Teaching: Vince taught as a teaching assistant at Caltech, otherwise on fellowship.  He taught general chemistry and quantum mechanics at Yale on a 2-year term appointment as J. W. Gibbs Fellow.  At NMSU he taught 13 different courses in biology and allied fields.  He now teaches the older students, grades 4-8, at the Academy, drawing on this career experiences and the equipment and supplies accumulated over the years.  Also of value in his teaching  and that of his wife and Head of School, Lou Ellen Kay, are their experiences in travel and living in 40 countries, mostly with their son and now also their daughter-in-law; they share the knowledge of different cultures with students in class and in special sessions.

Business management:  Vince has over 30 years’ experience in managing funds, first in federal grants awarded to him and his colleagues, then as volunteer treasurer for several organizations, and now as financial manager for the Academy, concurrently with running a (quite) small scientific consulting business.  He learned QuickBooks for double-entry accounting, applying it from the start of the school.  He applies his lifelong expertise in computers for Academy functions that include website development and management, shared with son David Gutschick.  Vince is committed to the mission and vision of the school developed with Lou Ellen and the Board of Trustees.