Yulin Zhang


Yulin joined our faculty in August, 2017, to teach Mandarin Chinese.  She teaches our students from kindergarten on, as they learn to read, write, and speak Chinese in five weekly classes each (three longer classes during the pandemic 2020-21).  She is a native speaker, born in China, while also masterful in English, having lived in the US for fourteen years.  She had not taught Chinese as a course previously but her teaching trial went very well and her technique quickly developed to a very high standard. Her students learn not only reading and writing but also conversation, which is rare in classes for non-native speakers.


B.A. US equivalent: Chinese Literature, Xi’An University, Shaanxi province, China

Relevant experience:

Newspaper reporter, Xi’An

Participant in US-China joint venture

School volunteer, Xi’An, Beijing, Los Angeles, and Longmont, Colorado

In 2014 she moved to Las Cruces with her husband, a research meteorlogist, and her two children, Andrew and Emily.  She loves cooking, baking, gardening, hiking, and travel.  Our students have prospered from her teaching, with a number of them taking the challenging HSK Exam.