Our Thanks

Donors have reached us via pledges in our 5 Annual Fund campaigns to date, in an online campaign for science equipment on the GoFundMe site, in unsolicited donations, and via our applications to foundations for grants, among other ways. These funds have come from many businesses, foundations, and individuals. We are pleased to recognize them here.

Donations of Funds, 2007-2016

Donations by Businesses & Foundations

Above $10,000

El Paso Electric Company

Giles W. & Elise G. Mead Foundation

Up to $10,000

Barnes & Noble

Up to $5,000

Anonymous Foundation

Toyota Dealer Match Program

Up to $2,000

Albertsons Community Program

Up to $1,000

Boeing Co.

Lisa J O Willman CPA LLC

USTA Southwest Section


Up to $500

Beasely, Mitchell & Co.

Great Lakes Scrip Center

La Posta de Mesilla

Las Cruces Surgical Associates

LCA 2nd Annual Rummage Sale

Positive Energy, Inc.

Sunspot Solar Energy

Three Charities Fundraiser

UNO Chicago Grill

Walt Disney Company Foundation

Williams Design Group, Inc.

Up to $100

Aldershot of New Mexico, Inc.

Donations by Individuals

Above $10,000

Kay, Lou Ellen

Up to $10,000

Abeele, Catherine

Beattie, Will & Virginia

Blanchard, Cathy & David

Reinhold, Jean-Pierre

Vescovo, George

Up to $5,000

Bolt, J. Crow

Chavez, Marcus & Iris

Deason, Paul & Davidson, Diana

Gopalan, Amudhu

Gutschick, Vince

Hines, Paula

Pai, Prasanna

Poloner, Bonnie

Up to $2,000

Borunda, Michael

Gandy, Heather

Haggard, Gail

Haubner, Ken

Houston, Kevin and Jessica

Maxwell, Connie

Meenach, Chris

Newby, Donna

Pate, Stephen

Reed, Donovan

Shrestha, Kishor

Tatum, Michelle

Up to $1,000

Aguilar, Yesenia

Aldubaisi, Abdulmonem

Andersen, Bryce


Biad, Chris

Brasher, Elizabeth

Bunch, Henry

Burlbaw, Edward

Bursum, Michael & Lori

Camunez, Andrea and Gary

Dixson, Michael

Durrett, Sterling

Hammant, Hugh and Beverly

Hellmuth, Harry

Holguin, Jana

Kaczmarek, Brenda

Leisher, Mark

Lopez, Monica

McDonald, Mary

McDonald, Richard

Michelle, Martin

Morales, Rick

Morenescu, Ada

Mychaskiw, George

Papen, Mary Kay

Pearson, Andrew

Pena, John

Pena, Kelly

Pokorny, Herb

Trujillo, Jacob & Karen

Venepally, Rammohan

Warden, Shawn

Wheeler, David & Tricia

Up to $500

Aguilar, Mario

Archibeque, Jennifer

Barello, Julia

Barrantes, Edgar

Begin, Bruce

Bowers, R. Jeffrey

Bowman, Wanda

Brown, C. Dale

Brown, Joel & Peggy

Bunch, Henry & Carolyn

Burton, Thomas

Chavez, Andrew

Cota, Dave & Debbie

Crawford, Denise

Dai, Mei

Davidson, Diana

Deng, Aretha

Denk, Joseph & Jacqueline

Doll, Lisa

Donato, Joshua & Sabina

Figueroa, Mark

Gambrell, Len

Garcia, Anna

Garcia, Roque

Gutschick, David

Handy, Carolyn

Hill, Ann

Houston, Susan

Howard, Daniel

Hunter, Harry

Jentgen, Dinah

Kamali, Kamran & Polyanna

Kimber, Barbara

Kiser, Shonda

Kuper, Allison

Lee, Connie

Lewis, Jennifer

Lewis, M.

Licht, Judy

Lichtenfels, Howard, Dan & Jeni

Liefeld, Martha

Lopez, Edgar

McNeil, Keith

Menking, Cornell

Muir, Sam

Murray, Doug

Neakrase, Jennifer & Lynn

Oxford, Grady

Palmer, Phyllis

Perea, Jacob

Podila, Prasad & Jayasree

Raymonda, John

Roman, Kathleen & Edgar

Schmugge, Thomas & Susan

Schulte, Matthew

Shiao, Sue

Turner, Travis

Unguez, Graciela

White, Michael

Whitford, Linda and Walter

Wootten, Eleanor

Up to $100

Andersen, Anne

Armitage, Ellen

Bailey, Donovan

BassiriRad, Hormoz

Berkson, Arthur & Rebecca

Binkowski, Linda C.

Bowman, Paul

Bunchman, Nancy Dodge

Candelaria, Michael & Delia

Carr, Bryan

Chavez, Gilbert & Sylvia

Cota, Matthew & Adrienne

Dawe, Angus

Day, Marianne

Deng, Mi

Donato, Dante

Ebbs, Lisa

Estrada, Ruby

Fargo, Cindy

Figueroa, Jacque

Gandara, Jr., Gus

Giorgi, Tiziani

Gladstone, Jill

Hadley, John and Claudia

Harding, Susan

Jiang, Shon

Kalma, Beth

Kissling, Albert

Kotulak, Caryl

Leisher, Agustin

Li, Yi

Liefeld, Eric

Liefeld, Eric

Liefeld, Marty

Liefeld, Rigel

Luna, Amanda

McCarthy, Charlotte

Meenach, Elsa

Mercer, Ann

Mercurio, John

Meyer, Robert N.”Tito”

Milane, Lara

Murray, Parry & Bill

Neidig, Donald

Newby, C.

Oropeza, Marivel

Pai, Ayana

Pass, Kathe

Pate, Louis

Phillips, Lauren

Poloner, M. & B.

Post, Cecil & Joan

Puthoff, Helen

Ray, Sandy

Reinhold, Dahlia

Rhodes, Marsha

Richer, Lilliana

Robin, Nichole & James

Samaniego, Aida

Schnell, Loah

Sesmas, Ted

Shrivaram, Chetan & Archana

Sotelo, Axel & Janine

Stahmann, Charlotte

Surova, Erica

Surova, Indigo

Szalay, Laura S.

Tellez, Stephanie

Tenorio, Jeanne

Townsend, Daniel

Walsh, Susan

Webb, Sidney

West, Trey

Wischerath, Theodore & Margot

Gifts in Kind

The gifts: Our generous donors of teaching equipment and supplies, art, musical instruments, books, food for events, silent auction items, sports and playground equipment, furniture, and more. They have made 199 donations between 2007 and 2016. We are still sorting our records and formatting them. Please visit this page again soon.

How people find us: Our donors found us as LCA families in our school, as personal friends and colleagues, online, and via drop-in visits to the school. Of note, we have received a piano, violins, 7,000 books, art from around the world, copious posters and educational games, even oryx bones for anatomy, and food for our three signature events, Food for Thought, among many other items.

Hours of service

Many people have contributed their time. Again, we’re in the midst of a massive website revision, so we’re tallying these contributions anew and formatting them for presentation. Please visit this site soon.

Our Head of School, Dr. Lou Ellen Kay, and our Board Chair, Dr. Vince Gutschick, have worked full-time essentially from the beginning in 2007, organizing the business, teaching, keeping the books, soliciting funds and other donations, setting up and helping run events, doing publicity, and more.
(And more about how parents and others have helped)