Parent Committee

The parent committee is responsible for:

  • Promoting the parents’ participation in activities to support the school. This includes fundraisers, day-to-day volunteer tasks, and more.
  • Giving advice, for example, on marketing and advertising campaigns to increase enrollment.
  • Informing the school administration of the needs of the parents.
  • Promoting effective communication between the parents and faculty/administrator.
  • Acting as a resource to parents within the community when there is information to be disseminated or when there is a issue that needs resolution.
  • Offering advice, provide information and develop strategies and initiatives that help raise money to benefit the school.

Member responsibilities

  • Be informed on matters relating to the Parent Committee
  • Prepare for meetings.
  • Attend meetings regularly.
  • Inform the President or other member of their absence from a regular meeting.
  • Recruit other parents as full members or part-time members.
  • Represent the school community and present any recommendations or adopted resolutions.
  • Be open and candid in discussion, but be respectful.

Your Skills Can Help Our School

Volunteering for the Parent Committee full time can be challenging for some parents. We understand that not all parents are able to commit on a continuous basis. Participation in the meetings helps establish continuity between the various events initiatives. However, there will be times the Parent Committee will call parents for assistance or expertise with these initiatives. Parents have many skills that can assist the committee. Some of these skills may include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Volunteering Fundraising ideas
  • Graphic Design
  • Your Skill

If you feel you have a skill that can benefit the Parent Committee and ultimately the school, please contact any member of the committee. We want to hear from you.