Thanks for donated goods

The gifts: Our generous donors of teaching equipment and supplies, art, musical instruments, books, food for events, silent auction items, sports and playground equipment, furniture, and more.  They have made 199 donations between 2007 and 2016.  From our estimates of value, we now list our donors, whom we thank heartily:


Donations by 48 businesses


$1,000 and over


Casa Camino Real


Up to $500

Aldershot of New Mexico, Inc

Allen Theaters


Emerald Isle Boutique

La Posta de Mesilla

Little Cochise (homeless)

Lorenzo’s Pan Am  Italian Restaurant



Santa Fe Grill

Southwest Environmental Center


Up to $100

1st Class Auto Detailing

Casa Bonita Pottery

Coas Book Stores

Crossroads Acupuncture

Dion’s Pizza

Double Eagle Restaurant

Enchanted Gardens

Gent’s Barber Spa


Guzman’s Greenhouse

Kresge Foundation – tuition for FRS course

Little Playmates

Main Street Bistro & Ale House

Mas Art

Matteo Jewelry

Mott’s Potts

Mountain View Coop Market

Museum of Natural History, Las Cruces

Nick’s Office Furniture & Supplies

Nopallitos Restaurant

Patina Home

Picture Frame Factory Outlet

Santa Fe Grill

Savoy de Mesilla Restaurant

Sitel, Inc.

Studio K Hair Salon

Sunspot Solar Energy

Taste of India

Thai Delight

The Corner Bakery

The Rustic Olive

The Truck Farm

Toucan Market

Vintage Wines

World Gym


Donations by 125 individuals


Over $10,000

McDonald, Mary

Shiao family


Up to $5,000

Beattie, Willard

Donato, Joshua & Sabina

Gray, Nolan and Bobbie

Gutschick, Vince

Hines, Paula

Kay, Lou Ellen

McCarthy, Charlotte

Threlkeld, Niki


Up to $2,000

Abeele, Catherine & Willy

Canavan, Mary

Chavez, Denise

Cota, Dave & Debbie

Flores, Jose and Sara

Friel, Bill

Gambrell, Len

Gutschick, David

Kiser, Shonda

Kosan, Mary Ann

Meenach, Chris

Roman, Kathleen & Edgar

Stahmann, Charlotte


Up to $1,000

Bugbee, Fred

Bunch, Henry & Carolyn

Guevara, Yolanda

Hellmuth, Harry

Holguin, Jana

Houston, Susan

Maxwell, Connie

Mojica, Monika

Nakamura, Sandra & Masashi

Shannon, Emroy

Townsend, Daniel

Trujillo, Jacob & Karen

Wheeler, David & Tricia


Up to $500

Alpher, Barbara

Anderson, Kurt

Armstrong, Darlene

Banta, Matt

Burger, Greta

Byington, Harold

Caldwell, Karen

Camunez, Andrea and Gary

Cantrell, Sandra

Chavez, Marcus & Iris

Cochrane, Helen

Coll, Liz

Crawford, Marcus

Deason, Paul

Dickerson, Katherine

Garcia, Luis

Gopalan, Amudhu

Guevara, Jorge

Harding, John

Hashish, Naveen & Hisham

Hill, Ann

Hunter, Harry

Iadicicco, Gerald

Kissling, Albert

Lambert, Michelle

Licht, Judy

Lither, David & Cheryl

Meenach, Chris

Newby, Donna

Newby, Steve

Ocepek, Louis

Packard, Thomas

Pai, Prasanna

Pate, Stephen

Raymonda, John

Reinhold, Jean-Pierre

Richer, Mark

Surova, Erica

Tenorio, Jeanne

Touchon, Ouida

Turner, Travis

Vescovo, George

West, Donald & Svetlana


Up to $100

Abbott, Laurie

Alford, Carla

Anderson, Amil

Anderson, David

Anderson, Jeff

Barber, George

Barrantes, Edgar

Burbano, Leticia

Chavez, Eliseo

Crockett, Jane R

Dai, Mei

Dziak, Noreen

Foster, Robert

Fryer, David and Diane

Garcia, Luis & Raena

Griffith, George

Groves, Kathy

Hall, Kent

Harding, John

Hinojosa, Kari

Hume, Heather

Javurek-Humig, Abby & James

Jentgen, Dinah

Katanayagi, Sandy

Knoop, Stephanie

Liefeld, Eric

Manning, Vakian

McDonald, Richard

McMillan, Betty

Meyers, Matt

Pai, Ayana

Palmer, Phyllis

Pena, Carrie

Potter, Karen

Potter, Karen

Reed, Donovan

Saige, Ellen

Sotelo, Axel & Janine

Stalker, Charlotte

Stegall, Sarah

Szalay, Laura S.

Taylor, Stephanie

Wong, Bryan

Wong, Ruth & Stephen

Zhen, Ji


How you find us: Our donors found us as LCA families in our school, as personal friends and colleagues, online, and via drop-in visits to the school.  We’re always open to visits, calls, and emails.  Lou Ellen is at 575-521-9384 and at; Vince is at 575-571-2269 and at  Of note, we have received a piano, violins, 7,000 books, art from around the world, copious posters and educational games, even oryx bones for anatomy, and food for our three signature events, Food for Thought, among many other items.