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WANTED: free play, art, music, recess, and

freedom from standardized testing!

The New York Times recently published an opinion piece that laments the lack of “free play and childhood independence” critical for emotional developing mentally well children. 

“And so for many children, when the school day is over, it hardly matters; the hours outside school are more like school than ever. Children spend afternoons, weekends and summers in aftercare and camps while their parents work. The areas where children once congregated for unstructured, unsupervised play are now often off limits.”

Las Cruces Academy is a relief in the desert of emotional-social development; with offerings ranging from self-organized free play to art and music classes where creativity can flow freely. Keep reading.

Recent Happenings and Notes

Labor Day: celebrating our hard-working, smart-working teachers| 2 September

Open House | drop by & see what we’re all about (11:00am – 1:00pm) | 10 Sept.

First Day of School | kicking off the 2019-2020 academic year | 8 August

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Keep in Mind

We accept mid-year enrollment, even if it’s not ideal. If you have a child you wish to enroll, please submit an application.

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