Las Cruces Academy

We are a private school, a success starting in 2009.  We are secular, with no religious affiliation. We offer classes from early kindergarten to 8th grade.  We are noted for our advanced academics, small class sizes, custom placement of students, a safe and supportive environment, abundant teaching resources, Chinese and Spanish curriculum, Singapore math, a very diverse student body, cultural enrichment, community outreach, and our involved and generous parentsOur About page has much more to relate.

We’re happy that Vince Gutschick, our Board Chair, teacher, and Deputy Treasurer, has been cited as standing in the current top 2% of scientists in the world.  A study at Stanford University analyzed all the scientific publications up to 2019.  Vince’s 67 peer-reviewed articles in 23 different international journals in physics, chemistry, biology, and applied fields and his book publications qualified him for the ranking. Lou Ellen Kay, our founder, Head of School, and teacher, also has notable scientific publications and a great teaching record that started 5 decades earlier. Vince and Lou Ellen bring their experience to our science teaching, along with a remarkable collection of scientific equipment and supplies. We are also proud of our teachers Arielle Lane, grades 1&2, and Katie Bushma, kindergarten, who bring science into the early grades at levels that are both advanced and enjoyable for the students

We’ve taken photos of all the students and teachers. Vince created a collage of all the faces for our facebook page; here’s the new virtual group photo:

Our news: Our new academic year began on August 12, 2021 with in-person education.  All of our teachers are fully vaccinated.  All of us, students and teachers, wear masks and do social distancing.  We welcomed continuing and new students with a new class schedule and adding several new courses.  Our schedule of important days is viewable on another page.  We continue to welcome applications for new students.

This year we introduced two new courses, each with two age groups:







LCA parent Paul Bowman generously and  enthusiastically volunteered to teach mechanics to students in grades 3 &4 and grades 5-8.  He led the charge to clear out our storage room to serve as the classroom.

Board Chair Vince Gutschick is a fellow world traveler with Head of School Lou Ellen Kay, and their son David and his wife Yi. Vince is now offering the courses World Culture 3&4 and 5-8.  Here’s a happy scene at Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo:

There’s more.  LCA parent Wei Tang began the math club for grades 3-5.  He’s introduced them to mathematical logic, elements of combinatorics, and topology.  They love it.

Teacher Elizabeth Brasher, long-time advisor to the theater club, is opening the club to in-person activity, with masks and social distancing.  In advance of the September 15th run, we have a photo from 2020 before the pandemic lockdowns.  Students are just as enthusiatic now.

We’re happy to present our latest newsletter for the public!  And, if you missed them, here are the June newsletter and the April newsletter.

Student play, any old day

We are grateful!

Our Annual Fund 9 finished on June 30th with generous donations from 23 families, 5 businesses, the board, a former teacher, and 4 long-time friends of the school – a heartfelt “Thank you” goes out to all of them, and to donors yet to be. We’re above our initial goal; the “plus amount is an extra boost toward accreditation and purchasing our building. Find out about our matching fund! We now are registered as well with for corporate matching donations and with for stock donations.

We use your donations for many things:

We improve our academic program.  Last year we added sections in English to give even better attention to individual students; we added a section in Chinese, similarly.  This year we raised teacher pay 3.5%, being one of the few businesses fortunate enough to do so. That added teacher time, pay, and payroll taxes.

This year and last we covered a lot of added costs for pandemic safety precautions – desks, outdoor canopies, sanitizer, extra Web technology.

Last year we used the Mead Foundation funds as we noted above, for computers, teacher time, and presentation technology, reserving some for the future for more teacher time.

Weare using $11,000 for the exhaustive documentation of our curriculum for our application for accreditation with the best and most demanding private school accreditor, the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest.

We run well and keep tuition moderate because of the many volunteer services provided by our LCA parents, grandparents, students, teachers, board members, and friends of the school.

We’re revising our donor acknowledgment webpage.  See the first results, for the prior year, here.


Our students and their parents have a real affection for the school:

“We are beyond grateful to you and all the staff at LCA for all that you do to create a magical, fun and safe environment for our kids…We are so proud of both girls and look forward to many more years of laughter and learning at LCA.” – Kimberly

“We really appreciate all you do for the students & families of LCA.  You’re a wonderful school director, teacher, and friend.  Have a restful summer!  I can’t wait to see you again in the fall.” – Brigit

“Thank you so much for being an awesome science and cursive teacher! [Lou Ellen]  I really enjoyed learning about atoms! (And everything else).  I will miss you this summer!  Thank you for making LCA.  It’s the best school ever!” – Cailin

Thank you and all the wonderful teachers for keeping kids engaged in learning! – Yumiko Isoyama

I just want to say that you and your staff have done a wonderful job with the remote learning. There have been plenty of activities to keep them engaged and Emily has enjoyed all her zoom meetings. – Bridget Mitchell

I hope I’ve said this before, but, thank you, and all the teachers for everything you do for our children. You’ve always done a lot, but now more than ever, you and your peers have stepped up beyond all reasonable expectations to provide for our kids and we’re forever thankful for that. – Doug Petranoff

Thanks for a great school year, the upheaval notwithstanding! – Audrey Ezeh

 It’s good to know how hard it is to teach young children and keep them focused. Teachers are doing amazing work at school! – Yumiko Isoyama

We are so grateful for all that you do and the wonderful education you provide for our children- Carolyn Bowman





LCA Events 2021 – we’ll have our yearly schedule set soon!

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