At the electric fish lab

10 May 2017. Our older students returned to the laboratory of Prof. Graciela Unguez in NMSU’s Biology Department, where 2 months earlier they met the undergraduate students who were beginning their experiments.  This time Graciela’s students had their experimental results and presented the conclusions, based on statistics.  There were 7 stations, each with a poster presenting fine visuals along with text.  Our students got to see the fish and to handle the worms that Graciela’s students feed the fish.  Recall that these are weakly electric fish that use the electric fields that they generate in order to find prey, not stun it.  The presentations spread over two hours, while our students stayed alert and inquisitive.  Everyone enjoyed the experience; we’ve been invited back for next semester!

Here’s a video of one group’s presentation, so that you can see the level.  (There may be a problem with audio in Firefox; we’re working on it.)