Chinese Culture Night – a success

We held a Chinese Culture Night on Wednesday, 23 May 2017 at the Academy.  The event was captured in a series of videos (on YouTube, as listed below) and still images by Vince Gutschick, Board Chair, with another image from  parent Monica Lopez.  The Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce sponsored the event.  The Confucius Institute at New Mexico State University also participated.  We assembled a wide range of Chinese art and cultural items.  Our Chinese teacher, Mei Dai, brought many items; Lou Ellen Kay, our Head of School, and Vince also brought items, mostly from their trip to China in 2015.  A number of our students in grades K through 8 sang in Mandarin Chinese, danced, explained Chinese art and culture, wrote Chinese characters, and did calligraphy.  A Chinese teacher from the Confucius Institute did martial arts.  Guests joined in to learn calligraphy.


The videos, in chronological order, are:

Beginning of Chinese Culture Night at the LCA   (length 6:10 – in minutes:seconds)

Martial arts at the Chinese Culture Night      (length 4:28)  (Note: this video got typed as private; I don’t know if you can see it; please let me know)

A pictorial tour of China, at LCA’s Chinese Culture Night          (length 21:30)

Writing Chinese characters, at LCA’s Chinese Culture Night            (length 3:18)

LCA students explain Chinese art                       (length 2:38)

Calligraphy (length 1:44)

Closing moments of LCA’s Chinese Culture Night       (length 5:37)


The whole event ran from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and felt like a vibrant culture party for all concerned.