Distance education – computer programming

Zoom meetings in computer programming have advantages: all the students get carried along in the lesson very well, seeing every step in programming.  All the students and teacher Vince Gutschick share a screen.  One of us is set as host.  He or she runs the program for all to see, while the others suggest coding steps.

For students who are young or relatively new to programming we use code.org.  The students make program by moving blocks of code – move forward, turn left, pick corn, repeat, and such – into a program.

Older or experienced students had just moved from Java Script to Python when the lockdown started.  Vince and several students have the Anaconda programming interface, where everyone sees the code, the output, and, as desired, the contents of variables.

You can slide between the two images below.  You can also click on an image and use your mouse’s scroll button to change size to zoom in or out.